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Samsung Flex washer and dryer issues

I purchased a Samsung refrigerator (smart) with bluetooth/pandora and a set of 'samsung flex washer and dryer. I have been on the phone with support for the past two days. Today was the grand finale. I called the support center 7 times today and waited over an hour for someone to speak with. Finally, I after being transferred 4 times I was connected to the Samsung smart things apps support. After speaking and trying to troublshoot the issue. " The issue is the app will not load my washer and dryer" and every attempt was unsuccessful the rep,  after 50 minuted the rep pretended he couldn't hear me and then said he would call me back and hung up on me. I waited and called back several times as mentioned and never did I get a call back. I finally called back multiple times and was able to speak to another rep (Sonya). I explained the issue to her. My dryer will not connect and then when it does it immediately goes to disconnect. My washer is getting to the point to connect and then says it is registered to another owner and request me to request an invite from the owner or reset, however provides no way for me to reset it. I finally asked Sonya to allow me to speak to a supervisor (Jeremy).  I asked Jeremy to research why my previous calls were unregistered specifically the one where I spoke to the rep for 49 minutes and he hung up on me. I did not get my issue resolved from support.  I was told I need to get a samsung adapter for my washer and dryer and that was the issue. Two days and that is supposed to be the fix and that I need to go to the place that I purchased the appliances to get the reset issue resolved that my washer was probably a floor model. I did go back to Lowes were I purchased new appliances and asked for help with getting the issue resolved or someone from Samsung to help resolve these issues. If I cannot get the issue resolved I am returning all $7000 worth of appliances back to the store this Saturday. I am gravely disappointed that I would spend this amount of money for top of the line appliances and unable to get competent support or help from someone who remotely care. 

I am completely floored..... 


Re: Samsung Flex washer and dryer issues

I feel ya  had the same happen yo me . But now I’m stuck