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Samsung Reliability and Support

Purchased a Samsung washer, WA50M7450AP/A4, less than a year and a half ago and the machine may already be useless. The display monitor shut off and the machine froze during a wash and now the display wont power on. Nothing happend like a power surge it just died. Called Samsung for some support and they said it is just out of warrantee and it would be $400 - $500 to just have someone come out and take a look and install 1 minimum part. Followed the videos here to take a look at the pump and motherboard myself and everything looks fine inside. Feels like a Samsung washer is poorly made and the company does not stand behind their product when something goes wrong. If anyone has any advice on what can be done please let me know.


Re: Samsung Reliability and Support

But hey, you got the washer cheap! This is samsung's business model, make a flashy washer, sell it cheap! Then make it breakdown shortly after the warranty expires. Then charge outrageously for parts and service! Just look around this forum, no one from samsung cares. Everything they make is highly defective by design. You should see my post how my brand new washer was missing screws all over the place. They assembled it skipping every other screw to say time! Also it's forbidden to help you fix your washer here. All I can tell you is, it's the mainboard, very, very, extremely common problem worldwide. See yt for videos how you can fix it yourself.