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Samsung WF42H5000AW spider arm assembly

We purchased a Samsung front loading washer on November 9, 2017. About a week ago it started making a banging noise on the spin cycle. We confirmed that the unit is on a level surface, but still continued to bang. I did a little research online and these washers are notorious for having corroded spider arms. Our symptoms match that of a corroded spider arm..banging during the spin cycle and, I noticed, the inner drum leans back! Why would a manufacturer install a part that is going to corrode in 3 years? I use Tide HE detergent, run the washer's self clean mode monthly, we do not overload it or use too much detergent. He part is approximately $180 plus we will need the 6 bolts at 4.79/each. This unit only has a 1 year warranty, but if I google "Samsung washer warranty" it says 24 months; I guess this model is nit worth a 2 year warranty. I'm extremely frustrated as I love our washer; I was so excited to purchase a front loader and thought Samsung made quality products... I had a few Galaxy phones that were great. I called customer service and received no help, but I didn't push as I was angry and didn't want to yell at the customer service's not her fault. So I will vent here. I'd feel better if Samsung repaired our unit for free. 2 year old washers that are used properly should not fail. Lesson more research next time. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung WF42H5000AW spider arm assembly

Hey! Thanks for reaching out, can I have your serial number in private message?