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Samsung Washer Error Codes and Con't to Fill and Drain

(Topic created on: 3/5/21 9:09 AM)
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WA50F9A6DsW/A2. For about a year, the cold water has to be turned off manually to stop it from causing error codes, thought it was the inlet valves but they are clear. NOW, the hot water does it occasionally too. The washer also will randomly decide to  repeatedly fill with water, drain, spin and repeat. Even when I  press start/pause button, sometimes it works, sometimes not, even if I push the power button,  at times, it won't turn off.... my thinking is that the computer board needs to be replaced. 

I tried to figure out how to get to it to get a part number but couldn’t get the components in the white plastic to fully release. Thinking there is an internal screw that needs to be removed. 

So I need your thoughts on if it's the board or what is causing the issues, how to remove the board and most reasonable places to order. Can't afford a technician. 

Thanks in advance!


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