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Samsung Washer WA45H7000AW/A2 MOLD EVERYWHERE

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I purchased my washer in June of 2016. I have followed the the user manual instructions and used the self clean cycle regularly. This past week I did a load of laundry and found brown "flecks" or dirt on my clothing and on the inside of the tub, I wiped the dirt/mold out and ran another self clean cycle. Again, more dirt/mold. I ran probably 17 self clean cycles. EVERYTIME finding more dirt in the tub if my washer. I called Samsung customer service and was told by the representative to do an over night self clean cycle using affresh or oxi clean. He told me to start the self clean cycle and then hit the delay end button five times. The result, more mold left in my tub. I tried another self clean cycle using oxi clean again. More mold. 

I called Samsung customer service again. The person I spoke with said I would need a service call and provided me with the name and phone number of a company in my area. When I called this recommended company and explained the issue I am having, their exact words were "there is nothing we can do to help you."


After doing so research on line I have discovered that this seems to be a common issue for people. I was able to take the agitator out of my washer easily and was completely disgusted by what I found. I have began trying to clean the agitator and the inside of the drum, but I feel completely defeated.  You can see on one of the pictures that I have started to get the underside of the agitator clean, but if you look closely the white is "darker" in some areas. That is not a shadow. That is mold on the INSIDE of the agitator. As I run water through the holes, little flecks keep coming out. 

I am completely embarrassed, disappointed, and disgusted. My family has been wearing clothes washed in mold for who knows how long now.  This is completely unacceptable. 

Samsung please do better. D27F3DD0-E73D-4FCD-A223-700B33780522.jpeg








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I have the exact same issue. I spent 5 hours on the phone with Samsung last week and they refused to even acknowledge it was an issue!! They said they hadn’t received any reports of mold on these washers! Boldface lie. Horrifying how negligent they are being. This is a clear health and safety issue!