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Samsung front load washer SE error code won't spin dry clothes

(Topic created on: 3/25/21 6:14 AM)
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Samsung front load washer SE error code won't spin dry clothes

I have a samsung vrt front load washer.  It can pump water but maybe the pump is failing, but i can't tell.

  I removed all hoses and the filter and checked for clogs and they are clear.  

I removed the pump and checked the impeller and it appears to be smooth and free of debris 

I put it all back together and ran it on 19 min rinse spin cycle with only one towel in it and with 9 min left it stops and reads error code SE. 

I went into diagnostic mode and set it to a 6 min spin cycle and it only rotated the drum as if it was washing the clothes it never got up up high rpms.  It did this for its 6 min cycle and completed without errors but the clothes are soaking wet.  

Now with the washer with water in it it keeping the door locked as well 

How on earth do i trouble shoot if

A. The pump is failing

B. The drum motor is why it won't spin out

C. Or if its something else like a sensor or control board

I got it into diagnoatic mode and it spit out some message i can't decipher 7E21 or 7621 It's an E without the top part of the E on the led lit up

6 year old washer 

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