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Samsung quality of appliances are subpar. I would avoid Dryer DV42H5200GP

There is no where else to post a review of the Samsung dryer  DV42H5200GP here.   Ive posted my comments from the retailer i purchased this from and was hoping to post this somewhere where Samsung could see and to ensure potential buyers can benefit from.


Purchased in 2017.  Had motor problems a year later when the warranty expired.  Entire motor had to be replaced!  How do you sell a product where the main component is not reliable.  Convinced customer support that its ridiculous for a $900 appliance to fail in one year and repair was done without cost but with allot of hassle.  One year later the drum felt lining comes off.  The lining prevents the drum as it spins from rubbing against metal of the frame.  WHAT A PIECE OF JUNK SAMSUNG.!  Besides phones and TVs, you should consider staying away from manufacturing appliances.  Seriously life is tough already.  No reason to manufacture appliances that suppose to help that has such poor quality.  At $900 its not cheap stuff we are talking about here.