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Samsung refusal to take accountability

(Topic created: 05-16-2022 06:25 AM)
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We are based in South Africa

We purchased a double door Samsung fridge , a washing machine and a dishwasher from Hirsches 

Spent over 40k for the three 

when they delivered the washing machine and dishwasher, they delivered it at our new premises on the 4 th of April to which I had not taken occupancy yet 

they opened the items I walked around saw no dents or scratches and they closed it again and left it in the garage of new premises till I take occupancy to connect everything 

on the 21 April opened the boxes connected washing machine 

when we opened the dishwasher saw that the one side of the top as loose 

just the one side and took a video and sent it to my sales  lady whom we always deal with at Hirsches 

bottom line Hirsches state it is Samsung responsibility and Samsung stated that I broke the thing and I took too long to report from the day I purchased it 

yet it was explained over and Over again, it was stored until we took occupancy 

but they refuse to acknowledge that 

I want to change all my appliances now to LG 

based on the poor reception from Samsung 

I need people to know that Samsung is really taking advantage of certain people who might not know any better 

I will not tolerate this at all especially after spending so much money on Samsung 

I will be going to hello Peter and the Ombud for consumer services cause they need to be held accountable 

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Community Manager
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Hello, I am sorry to hear of this. This forum is for support of US products and customers. As your product is a non-US model and support for these models is very limited, please seek a support team for your area. You can do so by using this link: https://www.samsung.com/us/common/visitlocationsite.html. Thanks!