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Samsung washers and dryers are trash!

Do not waste your money. Out of complete loyalty to what I thought was a good company, I forked over $1000 dollars and purchased a brand new Samsung washer and dryer in 2016. The dryer began squealing and squeaking 6 months later and the washer was recalled (we all know that pathetic mess).  It is now 1 day short of 2020....I have paid for the dryer to be repaired 2 times.....$250 each service call and the washer is dead (thank you Samsung for all you have never done regarding your defunctional product) in the garage. I am currently using a washer that was probably born the same year I was, and my clothes are cleaner. (Imagine that) Tonight....the dryer decided to make the same old squeaky sounds.....yikes. I will never, ever, ever buy anything samsung again. Customer service stinks, product stinks. I also made the mistake of purchasing a refrigerator.....but that is for another thread. I've spent well over $3500 in purchase and repairs in the past 4 years....not including visits to the laundry mat to finish my large family's laundry needs, what a sucker I am. Don't make the same mistake I did. 


Re: Samsung washers and dryers are trash!

I hear you.  Bought FlexWash wssher & Dryer.  One day before the 30 day warranty from Fry's my wife decided to try the top washer.  Did not work.  Called Fry's.  They replaced it.  About 10 days ago would not open or drain.  Called repairman.  Said I had to tilt the washer forward to drain the sensors (out the lower front).  I'm 75.  This washer weighs a ton.  He had to help me.  It worked.  This morning washer won't power on.  Calling repair man tomorrow.  What a piece of junk!  My Whirlpool Duets never had these problems!