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Self Leveling Machine

(Topic created: 04-17-2021 06:06 PM)
Washers and Dryers

I really enjoy Samsung products and today I thought to myself how could they make a product any better? With the technology that exists, this would ensure the best quality and outcome of your washers and dryers. 

So the idea is that when you hook up your washer and or dryer you could then hit a button on the machine that would say " Level " or something among them terms. The washer or dryer would then level it's self using the available technology now days, and report to the user when its leveled with a message or sound effect. 

The legs could go up or down by themselves ran by AI, and once level they would lock themselves in place maybe using gears of some sort? etc...

The reason why this would be great is anyone could do this now, from young to old it no longer requires kneeling down and twisting the feet manually until you are happy with the results. The machine would level it's self by it's self and create a better quality machine for everyone. 



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Washers and Dryers

Technically, of course it's possible, but.. who would want to pay for that? :)

Most washing machines cost less that 500$, so..