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Spin Cycle

9 days ago I discovered my 8 month old Samsung Washer Model No. WA50R5200A had "frozen" at the 14 minutes left in the cycle. I turned it off and chose the rinse and spin option to try to get the washer to complete the process. (This was a 28 minute process)


Again, it stopped at the 14 minute mark. 


I again turned the machine off to get the lid open and re-positioned the laundry as I thought the load may have been too lop-sided so as to cause the tub to rotate unevenly. 


Again, it stopped at the 14 minute mark.


I called the toll free number and spoke with a representative to gave me instructions on how to recalibrate the washer. After following his instructions, the machine again stopped at the same place in both permanent press and rinse and spin options.


After my standing in the laundry room for probably a good 2-3 hours by this time, he informed me he would generate a repair order ticket but due that this day was Saturday, to give the folks who would be scheduling the repair order 48 hours to get back to me.  That would make the next contact Tuesday. No one called, texted, emailed by Tuesday so on Wednesday I again called the toll free number and started the process all over again.


I was issued a ticket number on Wednesday and was told I would either get a repair person in my area to be assigned a date/time to come and repair the washer or if no repair company was located within my region Samsung would send me a replacement washer. I asked how long the turn around time would be. I was told 3-4 days.


4 days passed by with no contact from any representative from a repair facility or Samsung.


I called the toll free number and discovered someone had begun the process to get me a replacement washer; not without being hung up on, placed on a 50 minute hold and discovering I had to email them a copy of the sales receipt before anything would actually be done.


I found the sales receipt, sent it to the representative and was told to please hold one more time, that an "exchange order number" would be created and the hardware store I had purchased the washer at would be asked to deliver the replacement washer and this process would take probably another 3-4 days. I was on my "last" hold for about 6 minutes and suddenly the phone connection was lost.


Since I had sent the photo of the sales receipt to this final representative, I immediately sent her an email asking for the exchange order number so I could follow up with the hardware store. I also gave her 2 alternative email addresses to forward the information to as we had some sort of issue with receiving emails from her at my primary email address.


Well...that was yesterday and now as expected...nothing from her. 


Final note: I called the hardware store where I had purchased the washer and was directed to the appliance department where I was holding for over an hour and the recording kept "looping" to the initial automatic automated initial call options with no one ever picking up in "appliances".


This morning I emailed the woman who I last had contact with at Samsung and again requested the "exchange order number" but it's too early to expect a response.


I've spent approximately 15 hours on the phone and at my computer attempting to get resolution and expect to spend another 5-6 hours tomorrow as now it's day number 8 without the use of the washer and of course it's Sunday so I can't expect a representative to assist. 


I forgot to mention...after having been disconnected at the point of receiving the exchange order number, I received an automated message from Samsung that my initial repair ticket had been cancelled so I'm thinking I may just have to start where I was last Saturday...


I promise to update this post tomorrow.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Spin Cycle

Hello! Can you send me a private message with your ticket number, please?

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