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Top Load Washer WA5451ANW/XAA

This washing machine was purchased about 4 years ago and then serviced under a recall order about 6 months later (due to extreme shaking requiring modifications to the frame).  Shortly after the warranty expired, it suffered the dreaded spin/rinse loop which Samsung knew about and failed to service under warranty or recall.  I ended up purchasing more robust springs and doing the repair myself.  The shake, rattle and roll routine continues, just without the "spin rinse" loop, so at least the loads were finishing.  Because of the shaking, the hose that is connected to the bottom of the washer tub came loose and flooded the washroom area and the room immediately below (thankfully unfinished storage area).  The spring clamp used by Samsung could hardly be called a "clamp".  I bought a $1 hose clamp to repair that problem.  Now I am simply waiting for the machine to shake itself apart  and finally fail.  More than likely our Samsung dryer drum will crack (again), and we will get to replace the pair.  I also have a Samsung refrigerator that needs to be partially disassmbled to modify the drain line so it doesn't freeze.  I honestly can say it will be a relief when the day comes I no longer have a Samsung appliance in my home.  Very sad - Samsung should stick to electronics, they do not build the same quality into their applicances.