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Top Load Washer “de” error, keeps repeating washing cycle

Hello, my top load Samsung washer has not been working properly for a few months now. Model: WA400PJHDW AA01 Serial: [edit]


When I use the washer it continuously repeats the cycle and the washer makes a loud rattling noise. It seems like it is off balance. Even after I adjust the clothing, it continues to repeat the cycle over again and the water does not drain so we have to stop the washer and hand ring it out.


Please help!!!!




Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Top Load Washer “de” error, keeps repeating washing cycle

We are sorry to hear about this. Please check that the washing machine is level, and that the drain line is inserted into the standpipe no more than 6 inches. Also, the provided serial number is invalid. Please re-check it, and send it to this PM Link.

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