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Top load washer persistent UR code


So maybe one of you expert Samsung techscan tell me how to kill the ridiculous UR code that persists no matter the load.  Let me explain what i've done,but first,I am a 32 yr veteran of repairing washers,its what I do for a living. 

The struts are strong still,the basket not loose,motor ohms out in range so I replaced the main PCB,the mem sensor(tub sensor) and the RPS sensor on the motor,but not the motor. 

The loads are light,they refuse to fully spin,the heavy loads do 1 and a 1/2 turns,then throws UR,repeat cycler over and over until your water bill is hundereds.


I also follwed the test program,you know,set at 1700 hours,press delay then hold start,it cycles thru and spins really fast so all is functioning,but the built in stop working error codes are quite annoying!

Do the struts have anything to do with this? Were the originals not lasting long enough then Samsung redisgned the struts to last longer?