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Unstacking Dryer for Service due to Squeaking

Hello All. I have a Samsung Dryer, DVG45R6100C/A3. It was purchased in June of 2020. It has started squeaking and whining loudly whenever it is running. I tried to get warranty coverage for it in July. The tech came but said that the dryer had to be unstacked to be serviced. Understandable but he said that he cannot unstack it, nor will his company. I must do it before their arrival. He said this was part of the Samsung warranty agreement. So he left without doing anything and my dryer is still loud and is getting worse. 


 I didn't install it and it is in a tight space on the second floor. Has anyone else had this issue? How did you overcome it? What do I need to do to unstack this monster? My spouse and I are MAY BE physically capable of doing it but it'd be very difficult without the proper equipment.