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WA45N3050AW/A4 Troubleshooting Eco/Warm light code flashes

Last night I replaced the transmission (due to the grinding noise also mentioned on this board). Spent a couple hours last night trying to figure out why NOW the machine won't run.  It goes through the clicks and spits, but nothing happens after the first two efforts.


I did read where balance could be an issue and it is level.  Small load (wet from trying to start multiple times) is balanced in the barrel.


Found this community and decided to ask here. 


This is my control panel

control panel.jpg


It was flashing the  Eco Warm code (#3 below), but now there are no flashing lights.  Still only clicking, adding water, spins for 2-3 seconds and then nothing else.  Just sits there, powered on, with only the usual "Normal" and "Wash" lights blinking.


Credit to Mikey_75 for the pics.


Thanks in advance for your time/suggestions.