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WA52M7750A/WA52M7755A Active Wash Machine - Debris in drum and on clothing

I purchased this washer with matching dryer 2 and a half years ago and have hated it since day one. The clothes never come out clean and are full of lint and debris. Debris is often left in the drum after any wash cycle, even with an additional rinse. The water levels with all cycles except the bedding cycle are way too low, which contributes to the ineffectiveness of this machine. Even when using the bedding cycle with higher water levels, all of the laundry is never truly clean and covered in lint and debris. I had to stop using chlorine bleach with whites, as subsequent colored and dark loads were being bleached out. It was obvious there was a draining issue and subpar washing performance.


Within the first year while we were under warranty, Samsung sent out a technician to address the issues. The tech stated that the low water levels were normal with the new water saving feature. He acknowledged the lint and debris left on my clothes and determined that dirty water was being returned to the drum during wash cycles and that the drain pump must be the culprit. He cleaned the filter and replaced the drain pump. Unfortunatley, this did not fix the problem.


We use the cleaning cycle, shake out all towels and clothes prior to washing, and use the proper amount of detergent. Still- our clothes are never truly clean, they are covered in debris, and are becoming "pilled" from having to be washed on the bedding cycle so they are actually covered in water during the wash cycle.


I am very disappointed that my "dream washer" , which cost me over $800 is a total lemon. I need to buy a new washer less than three years later because my clothes are not getting clean. I never would have imagined this washer not being a total delight and long lasting, considering what I paid for it.


I would like to request some type of compensation for this disaster of an experience to help me with the purchase of a new washer.