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WA52M7750AV/A4 Poor Design/Faulty Lid

I can now join the long list of people that have had issues with the lid on their WA52M7750AV/A4 top load washer.  I had noticed the plastic on the lid had cracked and thought nothing of it as it still functioned.  I am now just past the 2 year mark so no more warranty and the entire lid fell apart simply from opening it due to the amount of pressure that is put on the plastic when the lid is just resting open.  Is Samsung doing anything to take care of these issues or are we the consumers just expected to replace the lid every year or 2 on our overpriced washers?



Re: WA52M7750AV/A4 Poor Design/Faulty Lid

I have the same issue except mine broke completely at the hinge right away. I didn't have the luxury of having the crack first. THe good news for you about the warranty is that it doesn't really matter. I was told by a Samsung suggested repair company that it is not covered under Warranty. Did you ever get a resolution to this?