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WA52m7750A junk washing machine

I have the triple whammy of issues.  I see it is very common to have peeling paint, rust and a broken lid. I hav puchased a new lid to install since with unemplolyment due to covid a reapir call and the crazy expense is not an option.  Upon removeing the lid and thorughly inspecting the machine dut to the very common problems I have all three.  It is outrageous that these three are very common pproblems.  My last sears machine I had for 10 years and about 15 loads a week and was stil going stong but we moved an new owners wanted the machines.  I was gifted a new washer and dryer as a house warning gift and the washing is falling apart. I have never seen these issues with any washer dryer or household appliance in 55 years.  I also had a Samsung refridegerator and after 3 years and the warranty expired the ice maker and main condensor both died, repairs were estimated at $1,500.  It was $3000 to begin with.  We trashed it and another $300 on a new machine not a Samsung.  Ovbiously qualty is not part of the ethics of Samsung.  will never buy or recomment anythign Samsung ever again.  It;s all junk. The issues with the refridgerator were also very common problems.