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WF56H9100AG pauses randomly with no error codes

(Topic created: 09-12-2021 09:18 PM)
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My washer was having issues starting any cycles and kept trying to drain for minutes on end before it gives up and turns itself off. After getting 3E2 error code in diagnostic mode(never got any error codes on any normal cycle, it would just never start), I ended up replacing level switch as that was the cheapest part on this crappy error code that basically can mean 5 different things is broken (main pcb, inverter pcb, motor, harness, level switch, etc).

Now my machine sometime pauses right at the beginning of the cycle after it does initial drain, lock, and drain and puts some water in, or more commonly, it would do its initial wash/spin but then pause on the rinse/spin area.

Everything I read says it's a clogged filter or a broken door switch is most common, but I've cleaned my filters many times through and it's been sparkly clean every time. My door switch clearly locks and I can't open it during a cycle so I've ruled that out(unless somehow electrically it's failing half-way through a cycle even though it physically locks and I see the lock icon red on the LCD?). The water inlet works, I've tried continuity test and tried all valves during diagnostic mode and it works! I don't think my machine even has a timer so that wouldn't apply? And I'm assuming the PCB isn't at fault because that's the rarest malfunction of the bunch.

Anyone have any clues? Perhaps my drain hose isn't properly installed? It comes out of machine around mid-height, it's factory anchored to side of machine going up, then I have it exiting to a tub about 30" off the floor. Whenever it drains the water is pumping out at a pretty quick rate and at the end it makes the bubbling noise like I'm trying to suck the last drip of water out of an empty soda cup, so I think the way its setup is pretty good...?


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