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Warranty Service is a Joke -- Furious

Okay, I truly hope someone takes a little time (Samsung -- you out there?) to read this one. We bought a new Samsung washer and dryer  at the end of July 2019. The fancy ones with small washer and small dryer on top of front-loading washer and dryer. We paid extra to have them delivered and set up and to have the old washer removed. All went well for just less than a year, when we started having little issues with the top washer. We were able to resolve it ourselves but when the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty was offered, we grabbed them just in case.


On September 28th (14 months after the purchase), we got the error again (an error about draining issues) on the top washer AND the bottom washer (which was not even in use). We did what the troubleshooting guide suggested but to no avail. I called SAMSUNG and was told that I needed to call Assurant (the insurer of the extended warranty). We called them, and they opened a ticket for repair. They put us "in dispatch" to find a repair service in our area. They referred me to one, so I called the repair. They said they were no longer repairing SAMSUNG warranties. I called Assurant back to let them know. They then referred me back to SAMSUNG.


SAMSUNG put me "in dispatch" again but could not find anyone to repair the washer and referred me to the "Accommodations" department. Accommodations is supposed resolve the issue by offering a replacement unit or a refund. They required me to furnish my receipt (I ordered the pair on-line at the SAMSUNG web site). I sent the receipt. By this time (we are now talking 2 full weeks), I have been given two different Ticket #'s.


Apparently I missed a phone call from someone last week because where I work I do not get cell phone reception reliably.  So, I called them this past Monday and was told that the previous ticket was closed, and they opened another one -- and, get this, they wanted to send me back to "dispatch" to find repair after two failed attempts to find a repair. I said no, put me back to Accommodations, please.


So, yes, you've got it -- this ticket is now closed, and I am assigned ANOTHER ticket #. Each time I am put on hold or call back, it takes several hours -- AND from that point, EACH ticket takes 3 to 5 business days to expect anything from them. And my last "customer service" agent just told me that it is perfectly normal to have resolutions that take a minimum of 30 days. And now, with my 4th ticket #, I am now supposedly going to be serviced by the "Specialty Claims" unit. What happened to "Accommodations?" I get to wait at least two hours for a call-back from them AND to know that there is no resolution going to happen for 3 to 5 MORE business days.


As you can tell, I am furious, and I am wondering about those consumers who either don't have the time or ability to keep making all these calls. What about the elderly (I am over 60 myself), who wouldn't think to write down the ticket numbers, etc.


I have been a very loyal SAMSUNG customer for many years, but I'm afraid this will be the last straw for me. I have never had such pitiful customer service from someone in my entire life.