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Washer/Drier combo feature request

Could not find consumer feedback page on site, here is my wish:

Front-loaded one door washer/drier combo to load dirty closes and take our dry ones. Large size with exhaust to outdoor, detergents automatically taken from large bottle depend of load. Auto-order when running out of detergents . Auto-run at midnight.


Current combo models are designed for super-small apartments, they small and inefficient as re-collecting moisture from air. Suburb communities and 2+ kids families in city need efficient, low-maintenance and conveninent in use washer/drier combo. In our houses the hook-up along with water in/out and power has a hot air exaust connection.


The manual filling washing detergents and measuring is an annoing process. It is inprecise and also could be messy when ovefilled. Pluging the bottle  or dipping the feeder pipe into bottle should be simple process  ( no brainer from engineering point, will be glad to show ).


When the detergent is running out, I would like to receive a SMS text or better have an order run on my behalf. IoT and snarthome at your service there. Detection of detergent is also simple task: keep 3-4 doses inside and sent signal when source bottle is empty.


Schedule during the night would allow to use cheaper electricity(if you on hours plan), have a habit to stach dirty closes directly in washer/drier instead of bin.  It would require a bit of electronics chage: detection of new load( to avoid re-washing clean closes) , load/weight detection and whites/color detection to set proper mode.


That device would sound a luxcury initially but I bet will become bestseller as soon as appear on market.