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Washer Model WV60M9900AV/A5 Not Turning On

(Topic created on: 3/29/21 9:25 AM)
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I have a Flexwash washer that has both a lower front load washer and top load for smaller items. A couple of days ago I ran the 'Self Clean' cycle on the washer for the first time. However, my boyfriend ended up needing to do some laundry before it was finished. So he stopped the cycle and then manually drained it to get the water out. However, afte that the washer never came back on and the door is locked. We tried unplugging multiple times and no change. However, the top washer still works normally. Another  weird thing is there are no lights on and none of the buttons work, but when I press the power button it will play the start up noise, but it is delayed. Has anyone had a similar situation or any tips to try to get this back up and running? I have contacted Samsung support, but the repair company cannot come out until next week so I am trying to figure this out myself. 

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