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Washer WF350ANP unbalanced and low spin speed

In May 2020, I noticed our 8 year old machine failed to reach full 1700 RPM during final spin cycle; it would get about half way, shudder and stop trying to spin, and the 6 minutes on the countdown would instantly drop to one minute. It doesn't seem to be a problem in the gentle cycles since it isn't meant to spin full speed.


Tried shaking and rotating the drum and it seems fine; drain filter is clean; I think it is level, but I can't be 100% sure because the dryer is mounted on top and I'm not quite ready to take it down, though it is level from the top of the dryer. This machine does not have calibration function and a reset didn't have any effect. Water and drain hoses are true; the problem occurs with all load sizes, including empty.


I opened up the Service Mode* and ran a Quick Spin Test and the indicator showed it could get up to 829 RPM before the test interrupted itself. After a few attempts, I took a whiff of the inside of the drum and it smelled a little like something was getting too hot-rubber or some other compound.


Does any of this sound like anything to anybody? I am pretty sure a repair would cost at least half the price of a new machine. We can limp along with delicate/permapress cycles until it finally craps out, but I do like this the way this machine used to wash and extract lots of rinse water in normal cycle.