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Washer and Dryer Linked To SmartThings Successfully

(Topic created on: 1/19/21 12:44 AM)
Washers and Dryers

I like many others have had issues linking Washers and Dryers to SmartThings for over a year off and on hoping something would give. Step #1 I changing your router settings if you have a dual or triband router. You'll need to turn off your routers Smart Connect or QoS you don't want the router choosing the bandwidth for  you. This has been discussed by more than one community member. Give each band width has its own name  Home 2.4ghz, Home 5ghz . Washer and Dryers communicate through 2.4ghz. Step #2 Clearing settings on Dryer. In AP mode hold Temp button for 7 seconds this clears the WiFi settings. Step #3 Turn Off Washer or Dryer. Step #4 Open up SmartThings and start the link process. I waited to turn on both Washer and Dryer until the step in the link process told me to turn on and hold Smart Control to put Washer or Dryer in AP mode. Step #5 Insured I had the correct password and 2.4ghz network before moving to the last step. Step #6 This is the step that I was missing and finally allowed Washer & Dryer to link to SmartThings.    Once the AP disappears from Washer or Dryer screen immediately push Smart Control button once turning it on.  The progress circle at the top of app will quickly move up  from 85% to 99% to 100%. I used an iPad Pro running 14.3 and had also turned off Private WiFi Address when setting up the Washer and Dryer.

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