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Washer lid hinge broken

So, the lid on our washer has been broken for awhile now and it seems that this is an ongoing issue with these washers. The hinge on the left controls the washer starting/stopping and is very tight. It broke right out of it's case. I have taped this darn thing up many times and put the heavy soap on it to weigh it down so we can use the washer but it has only gotten worse. It appears the laundry soap has eaten through the plastic. It is very annoying and frustrating. I want to love my washer. I did at first since it is so big and I have a bunch of kids. But now I wish for the old school tanks that would just work! What can you do for us, Samsung? I would love to love my washer again! Also, it is very loud now and sounds like it is working really hard to move the clothes Smiley Sad 



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Washer lid hinge broken

We are sorry to hear about this. When was the washing machine purchased?

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