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Washer makes grinding noise at start up and now when aggitating

(Topic created: 07-04-2021 08:16 AM)
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I've had my washer for awhile. It was one of the recalled units and we got an extended warranty for letting them do the fix. It has been making this grinding noise at the start up for awhile and while it was under warranty I had the tech out and he ran it with nothing in it and it did not do it of course so he told me I should not wash any more than 4 bath towels at a time. He was such an **bleep** I just wanted him out of my house. I tried to communicate with samsung after that but they were zero help. Anyway now it's started making the noise intermittently during the wash cycle. I've been reading in the forum and it sounds like it's the clutch or something. The **bleep** who came to my house did not even take anything apart, he just stood there and ran it while empty for 5 minutes and deemed there was nothing wrong.

Anyway I'm wondering how much it's going to cost me to fix this clutch thing. I can not do it myself so I'm trying to gauge if I should just go buy a new washing machine or try to get it fixed.

It has no problems during spinning or anything else it's just the agitator when it goes one way sounds like it's not catching on whatever gears or whatever it's supposed to. 


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Community Manager
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I completely understand how frustrating that this can be.  If you could, please send me a private message.  I would be more than happy to look into this further: http://bit.ly/2ihPL97

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