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Washer "-:" -: Smart Care, not so smart... WF45N5300AW

Despite reading the documentation and searching online I cannot connect my WF45N5300AW washer to the Samsung Smart Washer/Dryer App (Android). I try pressing both TEMP and START/STOP for over 3 seconds and nothing happens... If I press the Smart care button on the washer it thinks for a moment then returns the symbole "-:" (I addded the quotes so it is just Dash followd by column). I tried calling Samsung support but they just bounced me back and forth between Washer support and Smart things support and neither will take responsibility for supporting the Smart Care feature... It should be washer support as far as I figure that is what I bought...


If anyone knows where I can find info on how to setup the app, that would be great, also anyone know what the "-:" means?


Really regretting buying a Samsung washer, support is just terrible.