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Washer rinse and spins over and over keeps adding time

(Topic created: 10-10-2021 02:38 PM)
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I am reaching out yet again to get assistance with a Samsung product. This time it is for our washing machine again. It had the previous recall work completed but now its unusable. Model # WA400PJHDWR/AA   Serial# HIDDEN>  The washer continuously goes through the spin/rinse cycle over and over again. It has been reset, codes checked, balanced, normal loads, small loads all the same. We have called in to get assistance but no one knows what to do evidently. It goes into spin then stops, starts rinse cycle again. Washing a load of clothes took 3 hours to finally complete. Even when I have to select the spin only cycle to get the water out of my clothes, it will spin for a few minutes then water starts to add again.... in the 'spin only' cycle. It also makes a loud shaking noise when the speed picks up in the spin cycle for a few seconds then it goes away. This is not safe !!!! This has caused a huge problem not being able to do laundry, water bill to jump and clothes damaged due to 2 hour washes etc. I see this is a huge problem online and am sure you want to protect the company's reputation as a quality company. I was also part of the Samsung Note mess with batteries catching on fire and still stuck with you guys. I need this repaired asap. I should not have to pay to get repaired for such a large known issue. I see a class action suit is underway although we were never sent the info.

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