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Washer trouble

I bought a samsung washer on 2/23/19 and it is already BROKEN!! I am so disgusted. I spend an hour on the phone with someone- to tell me they will send a texh to look at it and may have to order parts before fixing it- i want it replaced. It is to new to be broken- i spend 600 on a washer machine that was suppose to last me a long time and here i am 2 months later. The people i talked to were not helpful at all and did not understand the fact that it is a brand new washer and it broke. I will be contacting a lawyer soon in regards to this matter if i cant get a replacment machine or my money back. This is pathetic and over priced for the quality of the product!!!! 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Washer trouble

The Samsung limited warranty is a repair warranty that covers all devices for parts and labor in the event repairs are needed within the first year of ownership. All repair options must be exhausted before Samsung will consider replacements or refunds. 

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