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Washing Machine Serial# WF56H9100AG/A2

Let me first start by saying I loved my set since Day1!!! I opted for the commercial capacity units. That was definatley the selling feature for me! Fast forward 5 wonderful years and impeccable care for the units. We have a spinning error same as I am reading about on the boards here. Washer is working and washing a fill load but will not do it's final spin cycle. I have called Samsung and they are have zero interest in helping myself a loyal customer who not only invested nearly $3,000 in this set but also just built a brand new home and has the entire Chef Collection in my Kitchen, complete with Waterwall dishwasher!  I am dissapointed in their customer service! I am also a family with a newborn so being without a washing machine is a huge inconvenience to us and it is har working full time, coming home to the family then making a late night hike to the laundromat. I'm Tired.  After reading so many bad reviews with the same spinning error I have decided it is time to speak with an attorney. Did you all know Samsung curently has class action lawsuiot for faulty icemakers. My attorney advised their company is in the buisness to build machines to last 5 years max then put us the customer back in the market to have to purchase again! I feel as if I am out of $$ and out of options! I am so dissapointed in Samsung for their unwillingness to help in any way! Their products are so appealing and very marketable with thier sleek apperance and stylish features. But as the preacher also reminded me, a wolfe does dress in sheeps skin! Samsung shame on you for not helping! I am thankful to have an knowledgeable attorney that specializes in this area. I called and pleaded my case with Samsung. I let them know how wonderful their products have been and asked for the ability to purchase a "GRACE" warranty for lack of better words. They could have cared less! They got their initial $$. I will not fall victom to giving them any more! Sadly Im out $$ on a washer, $$ at the laundromat, $$ on a service call & now adding $$ for an attorney (the return will prosper). Thank you Samsung for denying my family help! Customers make your compny grow! This one is so dissapointed in you!