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Washing Maching Recall

I own a top-loading washing machine that is part of the large recall. In 2016 I was sent stickers in the mail with instructions to apply them to the machine as the solution to the problem of the top blowing off. The explanation was that assigning a different cycle to the load would prevent the very dangerous situation of the machine becoming unbalanced and the top breaking free. The mailing did not inform me that my machine was immediately eligible for a refund check to be replaced. Now, 4 years later, my $800 machine is incredibly dangerous to use as it jumps all over the room in spin cycle, and according to the Samsung recall support team it's only worth $106, as the value is prorated. I cannot purchase a new machine with $106. The alternative would be for a repair man to come out and reinforce the top of the machine. This will not fix the problem as the problem with these machines is that they lose balance in the spin cycle and jump around like crazy. These machines are so dangerous and I don't have any options now but to keep using it.  I'm so frustrated that Samsung never contacted the owners of these machines and told them outright that they are eligible for a refund. It's so incredibly scammy and deceitful of this company. I also own a $1200 Smart TV that stopped turning on right after the warranty expired. All of the appliances in my house regretfully are Samsung. I will never support them again.