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XPO Delivery is a dishonest, incompetent, rude company

I am waiting for Washer and dryer set purchased August 22.  Delivery on web site said Sept 2.  Got a call Sept 1 that said they had no one to deliver until Sept 14; they rescheduled to the 14th. Spet 14th comes around and I have to call Samsung to see where my stuff is.  They had cancelled my delivery without calling or emailing me, and person on the phone says they will reschdule for the 25th, without any sort of apology.  They then follow up with email that says "scheduled for your "requested" date".   I obviously requested Sept 2 not the 25th.
THIS HAS BEEN SUCH A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE I WILL NOT BUY ANY SAMSUNG PRODUCT EVER AGAIN.   This comapny lied two times when it said it would deliver on September 14th and would call me to confirm.  They lied again when they pulled the Sept 25 date out of nowhere and had their email say I "requested" it.  They are the most dishonest and incompetent people I have encountered recently, and that is coming from a lawyer that has encountered all kinds of criminals.  This has been a disgusting experience.
It is astounding it takes them more than a month to deliver in-stock appliances.  I presume that everyone that is getting a delivery from them prior to September 25th made their orders prior to August 22nd. 
Why is it so hard for them to find people who are capable of driving, plugging and unplugging appliances and tightening a washer hose? (Not rocket science)  Perhaps they only pay a  non-living wage, while their fatcats scam and steal money and not pay taxes?  Hopefully the employees can get jobs at a competent, honest company some day.
I will be surprised if these things ever get here.  And maybe the fatcats will send their hit men with the delivery people to murder family members in front of me.