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aluminized paint on front of both the washer AND dryer are badly peeling

We bought high end Samsung washerand dryer about ten years ago, but not too long after we  began using them, the aluminized decorative trim on both began peeling.  We called Samsung, but because we were just past the warranty period, so they wouldn't do anything.  Of course, they did offer to SELL us new decorative pieces for about $150 each and we would have to install.  So, for ten years, we've lived with peeling paint ... in addition to changing the washer pulley and belt and the dryer heating element, drum rollers (twice), idler arm, idler arm limit switch, and at least two sensors.  The dryer now lights up but doesn't run ... so I'm about to repair it AGAIN.   Honestly, the quality isn't great.  The peeling paint (which started about eight years ago) was the straw that broke the camel's back.  We're probably going to have to buy another washer and dryer soon, BUT I'LL DEFINITELY FAVOR OTHER BRANDS BEFORE BUYING ANOTHER SAMSUNG.


By the way, I'm sure that they require logging in to this Samsung Users Community to keep potential customers from seeing all of the negative posts.