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Good Evening Samsung 

Im writing this complaint due to the lack of help I received on a product that I purchased.  I purchased a Samsung washer and dryer set in June 2019 and now my washer is not working.  I have contacted the customer service team about the situation and for weeks I have been all around talking about how to get it repaired.  The washer is no longer under the warranty so I was told only the parts needed to repair the washer will be covered as long as I use one of your service center. I live on fort knox here in KY.  Im a soldier and I purchases several samsung products. The service provider for this area is Universal Appliance Repair.  This company will not service my washer because I live on base, which a lot of service members do.  This company refused the service order because they do not like their truck checked at the gate to enter the military installation.  I was then told by a Samsung customer service representative that I have to reach out to a local repair company but the parts will not be covered because the washer has to be serviced by one of your providers. There is a lot of soldier and soldiers families who use samsung products just like myself and your company only has one company to service this area who refuse to go on base.  This isn't a fair situation for service members.  We can't have our products serviced due to the fact we live on a military installation and your provider is refusing to service people, soldiers, who live there.  This is a huge issue and should be looked into.  On base stores shouldn't sale your products if your providers are not willing to come on installation to check them out when in need.  I hope you as a honest company look into this situation and perhaps make some changing so this doesn't happen to another service members here at fort knox ky.

Vanessa Dumas
Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: lack of support

Can you provide your ticket number that you were provided so that I can see what's going on? 

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