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price match with cancelled order

(Topic created: 06-30-2022 12:58 PM)
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I am not sure if this is the correct channel I am posting my issue here may be some would help how to get resolved my issue.

I placed my first order and by mistake, I canceled my order and next day I called the customer support team and requested to roll back the canceled order.they won't do that and requested to place new order they will do the price match with my old order.

Last two days I am trying to reach out to those guys but no luck. Please let me know if anyone faced this type of issue. 




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Unfortunately there is no way to resolve this issue in the Samsung members app, Also note that when you place an order via the Samsung Shopping app or Website and you cancel it there is no way to reinstate that order for your product, but if Samsung is offering you a price match I would go ahead and place the order and make sure that you pick the correct products and possible warranty services like Samsung care which needs to be purchased at the time of checkout for certain items, the best way to Connect With the Samsung support team is to Call the e-commerce department, Also note that Some items may be on Sale due to the upcoming holiday, this is the Phone number for the e-commerce team +18007267864 and also is the attached link for any questions regarding placing a order or modifying it and other useful information https://order-help.us.samsung.com/hc/en-us
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Yeah and they just keep helping you in ways that do nothing for your concern. I've had nightmare after nightmare dealing with them these last couple months on multiple orders. Now I don't know if this happened to you but did they freeze or lock up the funds in the canceled order? They froze my funds for about a month. I would check on that.