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"nF" error code on Washer WF410ANR/XAA

(Topic created on: 1/19/21 12:03 PM)
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Wondering if anyone can help me problem solve this one. I'm getting a consistent "nF" error code when starting a new cycle. Here are the issues I'm observing:

  1. When turning on, there's a consistent loud humming sound (Pretty strange)
  2. When I start a cycle, the door locks and then unlocks a few times before remaining locked (Also pretty strange)
  3. Main issue: Once the cycle begins, I can't see much water filling into the drum. Instead the water starts to discharge immediately into the sink. This obviously generates the "nF" code after just a couple minutes into the cycle.

Because the water drains pretty much immediately, I have tried the following based on some research and common troubleshooting tips:

  1. Checked water supply for poor flow or frozen pipes. All set there.
  2. Cleaned the intake valves of debris. All set.
  3. Cleaned the drain pipe. Have not taken the drain pipe out of the machine for thorough cleaning yet...
  4. Completely replaced the pressure valve switch with a new one.

All this done so far but still the same issue. Has anyone else experienced this issue with this machine or another model? What else can I try to do myself before calling for a service repair?

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