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samsung flexwash wv55m9600aw/a5

(Topic created: 05-23-2021 06:50 PM)
Washers and Dryers

I bought a samsung flex series set of washer and dryer around 10/2019 and they have been great, until a couple days ago. The washer started clicking and wouldn't power on. I started searching the internet and found it was most likely the interface control panel/boards. I took everything apart and started ohming and checking voltage of almost every pin. I didn't have my good meter and leads so the one I used had larger leads and I crossed pins a couple times and caused clicking and a couple sparks, but the original clicking stopped and the green lights stayed steady on the two power boards. I put it all back together and it powered up and acted normal. However when we tried a test run on the lower unit the drum does not move normal, it just twitches back and forth. The top unit seems to work as it should and we have run a couple small loads in it. Later this week I'm going to take the stator apart and see if I see anything but has anyone ran into this before? I'm thinking probably need to replace the power board, this did all start after a storm.IMG_20210522_193941088.jpgIMG_20210522_193947185.jpgIMG_20210522_193950567.jpgIMG_20210522_193956700.jpgIMG_20210522_202340022.jpgIMG_20210522_202350680.jpg

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