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washing machine stopped draining and spinning

(Topic created on: 2/2/21 7:10 AM)
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I purchased a brand new Samsung washer and dryer set and in less than a year the upper washing machine stopped draining and spinning. I did all the troubleshooting that I could find in the manual and online. I called the warranty people and they told me a tech would call to set up an appointment to fix it. I waited for a week and received no phone call... I called back and then they said they couldn't find a tech within a 50 mile radius, so they did a search for a 75 mi radius ....said they found someone and that they would have someone come out to my house to fix it. Waited again still nothing, called back then they said that they couldn't get anybody to come to my area so they were going to issue a refund in the amount of a little over $1,600. They sent me a form to fill out, which I did accepting the amount of the refund and entering my bank information. Didn't hear anything after that then I get a message saying that I need to send a picture of the decal removed from my washing machine which I did ...never heard back. I called them they said they received it uploaded pictures of my receipts everything was good to go I'd be getting a call. I never did so... I called back then I was told they said I missed a call which I had not they said that wasn't the decal they wanted they wanted a different one, so I sent a picture of every decal that was attached to this machine then they said they received it but my refund amount was almost $200 lower than what I initially agreed to. said that it would not be changed or adjusted that that was the amount that I had to accept it so I did ...waited a few days did not hear anything else called back again and was told that it was being reviewed. Waited a few more days got a message saying it was approved haven't heard anything since.  Every time I call I get different information, they've changed my refund amount, they've changed the amount of time it takes to get a refund, somehow my email address was changed or my ZIP code was changed...it's very frustrating. Then I was told that the refund had been approved and was processing and it should be in my account; however, it is not.   So they told me not to call but to email which I did and I included my ticket number and I have not received any responses. I am a family of six and I need a washing machine that works it would be amazing if they knew what they were doing and somebody could give me an honest answer as to what is going on with this refund.

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