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If you try to tap on the Google messages app on the watch it will look like it's about to open but then crash out. You can receive messages and... View Post


If it helps on the Play store from your phone make sure you are beta tester for Google messages. If ... View Post

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The watch software has a sleep apnea section that says it has to be setup on phone but when I select the link it doesn't find anything on phone... View Post


Hello @bchildress, Thank you very much for reporting the issue to us. We appreciate your contributio... View Post

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Sleep timing should he programmable. 11-2 does not work for early birds. Also, within info section, heart rate information is in Korean on English... View Post


Hello @userrfh1szUs0T, Sleep timing target is programmable on your Beta Health app (Sleep > 3 dots >... View Post

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Since downloading the Beta software last night, my Watch 6 Classic has been stuck in a loop constantly restarting itself.  The restart loop has been... View Post


Darn I wish I saw this to send a report. It took forever to attempt the factory reset, because my wa... View Post