Galaxy Watch - Step Counter accuracy?


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My SM-R800 has the same problem of not counting the actual steps i take. it is off by like 500 steps or so. I did try disabling Auto detect "eliptical and row machine". This is also my second Galaxy Watch since my first one was acting up like this. This new one has the exact same issue.
also upset cause I had an S3 Frontier and I loved it but after I sold it after I got the Galaxy Watch !!!! Come on Samsung!! This is such a basic feature next to giving us the time. I have 30 days return on this new one. I may return it and buy a used s3 Frontier??? ridiculous!

Re: Galaxy Watch - Step Counter accuracy?

I purchased my 46mm watch from Costco on Sat. My Step counter wasn't working out the box along with floors and HR monitor way off. I prefomed the fix by rebooting and disabling auto dectect for Row and Eliptcal, that worked for a day. This morning I get up and walk 2 miles and step counter shows 0. I'll be taking this watch back to Costco and either wait for updated models or get an Apple smart watch which will force me to purcahse an iPhone also. What really annoying is Samsung support either don't care or know nothing about the issue. I sent two support people multiple links to people having issues and no response. 


Re: Galaxy Watch - Step Counter accuracy?

Watch model number: SM-R800NZSAXAR

Watch baseband / software version:

Type of phone connected to: Note 9 from Verizion

Bluetooth or carrier version: Bluetooth


Is there an option to at least have the watch step counter include the phone's steps? Similar to the Health App? There's no reason why my phone should have more steps than my watch if my watch is always on.

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Same here. Will be returning my 3rd watch. So disappointing...


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I want to share my findings: by doing the following, I made some progress:

Steps to follow:

1) take off the watch

2) do a reset of the watch (settings-common-reset)

3) once the watch is booted, follow the instructions to connect again to your phone. Do nothing else, but once you have the chance, go immediately to the Health App - Settings and disable ALL automatic detections.

4) reboot the watch immediately after point 3 is done (don't wear the watch yet). Reboot/Reset can be done by pressing the home-button until the watch reboot/reset.

5) Once the watch is rebooted, wait for another minute

6) wear the watch en walk, check after a walk if the watch is counting. Don't look every xx seconds to the watch but count your steps in memory and verify. 


=> After those manipulations, for me it's a lot better now.  I still see that there are steps missing (eg if you only move 5 steps and you stop for xx minutes) and also stairs are still not 100%. 

But when I used the watch for the first time I think only 30% of the steps were counted, now it's more than 95% I think.


Let me know your results via this post! Enjoy.

Cosmic Ray

Re: Galaxy Watch - Step Counter accuracy?

After emailing the CEO's office I received a call from a very helpful representative from the executives office. Though she was not able to tell me what is wrong with my watch, she was able to confirm there is no plan for a software patch to be released in the near future. All of the issues we have seen, poor step counting, poor HR monitoring etc., are known issues with the watch, with unknown solutions. She was not able to tell me how Samsung plans to repair them, and I didn't push for an answer. It's not her fault, she was being very helpful. I expressed my annoyances and stated the watch is going back to Amazon today. 


I recommend anyone who still has issues to email the CEO office, you might get some answers.

Re: Galaxy Watch - Step Counter accuracy?

Thank you very much for your update. This Watch is going back today!


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SamsungCole asked me feedback, see below:


Model Code (Full) = SM-R800 Galaxy Watch (46mm) Silver (Bluetooth)

Baseband Version: Bluetooth / Wifi / GPS (Europe version)


Partnered Handset Info: Galaxy S7 Edge

Brand: Samsung

Model Number: SM-G935F

Android version: 8.0.0

Samsung Experience-versie: 9.0

Baseband-versie: G935FXXU3ERHC


After following my solution, I still miss stairs (maybe because most stairs in Belgium are around 2,8m height-difference? I also miss still steps if I walk 5 steps, stop for xx seconds, walk again 5 steps, stop, ... 

I have the impression that there is something 'hanging' but after a large walk it's working again.  However with the manipulation I did this is now a lot better and I will not return it anymore.

I think it's now 90-95% accurate instead of 50% before.



Re: Galaxy Watch - Step Counter accuracy?

Do any of you know if Gear sport og gear fit 2 are more accurate in tracking than this watch? i like the OS.


Re: Galaxy Watch - Step Counter accuracy?

Same issue for me, plus a few more. The step count doesn't match either of the counters on my phone, and is usually lower. This is especially odd because the watch spends more time time with me than the phone does. I also get alerts congratulating me on my most active day, when if fact it wasn't my most active day.
When I look at the last week's history on the watch, there are usually several days with higher step counts that "my most active."

Other problems are: when i press the Galaxy app icon the screen goes dark and nothing happens. The watch doesn't always illuminate when I turn my wrist to see its face. This feature worked fine in the early days of usage, but seem to be deteriorating daily.