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I have a 46mm Galaxy Watch LTE version.  The following has happened to me 3 times.


1. Watach was displaying during on the charging station(the charger come inside the box): "Watch needs to be Cooled, it will not be able to be charged"  

2. When I was making a phone call with the watch standalong on the T-Mobile 4G LTE, in the middle of the call, approximately 2 minutes I talked over the watch, the similar meesage pops up and says: "Watch needs to be Cooled, needs to go to power saving mode".  As soon as I press the OK button, it turned into power saving mode, and of course, the phone call was terminated withou no prompt.  After about 15 second, it display : "Watch is cooled, you can used it now".  This happened to me 2 times.


Is that something we should be expecting, something we can have a fixed,  or I just have a defective devices?  I don't want to have an LTE version watch that will terminate my call while I am using the cellular network and the LTE. 


Please help!!




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No.  This is just a "reset the watch and everything will work."  Sorry, but that is too elementary.


As you can see from (hundreds) of other posts just like this, the battery life is inconsistent among users, and usage.  For me, it is simply erratic, and therefore, unreliable.


If I get two days of excelletn battery life, and then on the third day, out in the ocean, the battery drops to 22%, how is that even useable?


My return date is this Friday.  So far, I have had strange unexplained watch drain for 4 out of the 14 first days.  I think you need a software update.


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@kronikole: Can I get the following information?


Model Number

Current Software Version


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This is my case now too. Had the watch for a week. Battery was fine, would last 2+days (wifi always off, power save when sleeping). I charged it fully yesterday, put it on power save for bed, woke up to 2% battery! 

My model number is SM-R810 and software version R810XXUIARHI. 

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Hey, did you check out the link @SamsungJecca posted?