Galaxy Watch has great sound level


Galaxy Watch has great sound level

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With a lot of these devices, you wonder, where do they test the volume levels at, a library πŸ˜‚?! A secluded electronics lab πŸ˜‚?!


I got a bluetooth earpiece? Not Samsung, but...completely drowned out by passing traffic, wind gusts, exhaust fans, any kind of noise. Unless you were in a VERY quiet sound proofed room, you could barely hear it. What good is it then?


My 12" tablet is Samsung. I love it. But the speaker system has a maximum volume that's easily overpowered by every day noises you encounter, while getting around in a large Metropolitan city, Malls...I got a boomin' JBL Charge wireless speaker, so no biggie.


So when I got this watch, I can take calls, it's got alarms, chimes, update noises. I'm like, I'm not gonna be able to hear it anyways, once I walk outside πŸ™‚


The watch is LOUD. Very loud. You can clearly hear phone calls, chimes, alerts, despite walking through a high traffic intersection.


When I take calls on the phone, the person on the other end comes out LOUD enough, that I have full confidence in using the watch as an extra phone,  if the cell is charging.


Now, I have the volume at MAX, so it's not like these guys made the perfect sound system πŸ™‚. But this max, is way higher than the max on other devices. I have to give them credit for that.