[Gear Sport] - Under Armour apps not working


[Gear Sport] - Under Armour apps not working

Gear Sport

iPhone 7 iOS11

Hi, when I do a workout in Endomondo on my Gear Sport, when I try to sync it with my phone app, I get a Network error.  It initially says it will save the Workout, but it doesn't, and neither does it sync with the phone.  

The Gear Sport and the phone are connected(as I'm get text alerts), and I have the apps open on the phone.


Anynone else come across this?  Any resolutions?


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Re: [Gear Sport] - Under Armour apps not working

Good morning @userbUD1fVMMXO


I am sorry that you have been experiencing that error. Have you tried reaching out to the developers of the Endomondo application? It being a third party application, the steps I would recommend taking would be rather basic, such as uninstalling and reinstalling the application.