New Galaxy Watch and Samsung Pay


New Galaxy Watch and Samsung Pay

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I was a very devoted customer. I used to work in a cell phone store and have had a Samsung phone since my flip phone in 2001. All my smartphones have been Samsung since the first Galaxy touchscreen came out. 




We have been waiting for the Gear s4 to launch, and finally you released it as the Galaxy Watch. Not only is it almost 2 years newer than the S3 you chose to brand it as a Galaxy product. All Galaxy product branding is supposed to signify top of the line Samsung product. Well you have certainly disappointed the loyal tech savvy customers who have been waiting. 


Where is the MST technology. Seriously, you want us to use Samsung for everything so much so you even launched your own payment system. At first it was difficult to compete with apple, BUT then Samsung does what it normally does and came out with better technology. MST gave customers to ability to use Samsung devices to pay virtually everywhere. I go places and use my Samsung phone where the clerk will tell me phones don't work, but Samsung does, because of MST. 


The last 3 or phones have all had MST. (Maybe further back than that.) The gear S3 watch and the gear sport watch and the watch before that, all had MST. Because this is a technology Samsung customers expect. 


So I go and buy the brand new Galaxy Watch. Advertising and websites all make it sound like it is the gear s3 on steroids. 


But low and behold NO MST so it will not take payments unless the retailer has NFC which is very limited. So it becomes worthless as a payment device. (Might as well get an apple device, just as bad)


Less than 14 hours and I returned the watch. With no other option but to buy a 2 year old model, the s3, if I want a watch to do payments. (I didn't buy anything) And that watch is almost same price for old model????(should just switch to apple since Samsung is taking away features that set them appart.) 


I am very confused on the direction Samsung has chosen to go. And this will definitely consider another manufacture when I go to buy my next devices. 


From a very very disappointed and FORMER Samsung customer.