Samsung Galaxy Watch (S4) - MUST HAVE FEATURES! [ PE / FR ]

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Samsung Galaxy Watch (S4) - MUST HAVE FEATURES! [ PE / FR ]

There are many exciting features of the Galaxy Watch (S4) but I'd like to focus on a few features that Apple Watch has had for years but yet Samsung has largely ignored.


According to Google 10% of people in the world are left handed and most of those wear their watches on their right wrist. So let's say one million people wear the Gear lineup of smartwatches, I'm talking about roughly 100,000 of us here. Not a small amount by any meants.  Apple Watch addressed this statistic by giving its users the OPTION in the settings of the watch to say if they are wearing it on their RIGHT WRIST or their LEFT WRIST. It also allowed their users to flip the watch 180 degrees and went even further saying whether they have their crown on the right or left. The buttons/crown are now in the right place, easy to access. Samsung Gear Gear, Gear S2, Gear Sport and Gear S3 never addressed this relatively large group of people. The watch flips 90 degrees when docked but not an additional 90 degrees which would solve a major UI problem for those wearing the watch on their right wrist. Furthermore, Samsung's Gear S3 and ALL previous Gear watches allowed users to swipe down from the top to go BACK, but then that long standing UI feature was inexplicably removed in a Tizen 3.0 update long after the Gear S3's release. Long time users like myself who have owned a Galaxy Gear watch for several years were left with no options. New users didn't know any better and most likely didn't care, but long time users, especially those wearing it on their right wrist had to now awkwardly reach across the watch to hit the BACK button. I know it doesn't seem like much of a deal, but it is.




Samsung Galaxy Watch needs to have the option in its settings where right wrist wearers can:


1) Give it's users the Option (in Settings) to Wear watch on the Right Wrist and rotate the watch's display 180 degrees to allow for easier button access when wearing the watch on the right wrist.


2) Give users the ability to disable the long press feature of the watch's face which is easily accidentally triggered by left handed users crossing their arms and resting their forearm on their watch. Again, attention to detail is key here and this can't be too tough to implement. Just an "option" in settings would be great.


3) And just for fun, since we're talking about rotating the display, given the watch already rotates 90 degrees, when docked, allow the watch to function as a nightstand clock.  Call it Dock Mode or something. Controlled dimming and moving every so often to prevent burn in. It's already rotated so why not.



That's it.


I know there are lots of other featuers a watch "could have", but my focus instead was on features a watch "should have" because after all, it is by definition a "wearable" and it shouldn't ignore that thousands and thousands of its users are left handed and WEAR their watch on their right wrist. 

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Watch (S4) - MUST HAVE FEATURES! [ PE / FR ]



Sooooo...the watch is out now...Any chance the new Samsung Galaxy Watch with Tizen 4.0 has the setting so users who wear their watch on the right wrist can flip it 180 degrees? This has been a staple of the Apple Watch for years and is a very simple UI adjustment that will help the thousands who wear their watches on their right wrist.


Re: Samsung Galaxy Watch (S4) - MUST HAVE FEATURES! [ PE / FR ]

I really wish that this option is available on the galaxy watch. I just got mine and I was really hoping that it would have this option. Please, Samsung, if you ever read this thread, introduce it to us as it's a really easy fix for the most part.