Samsung Gear s2 Battery Draining super fast


Samsung Gear s2 Battery Draining super fast

My Samsung gear s2 has been acting very strange these past 2 days. It suddenly started losing battery power really quickly. Normally my Gear S2 lasts around 36-48 hours before I need to charge it again. These past 2 days, however, my watch has been losing battery power at a very rapid rate. I've had my watch since September, with no issues until now. My watch battery is now dead in less than 4 hours. That's a significant change in battery life. I don't know what may have caused it, for I am always extremely careful with my watch. I looked on the forums for a solution but I cannot find one. My watch is currently paired with my Samsung Galaxy J3 phone on bluetooth.  If anyone can help, that would be very much appreciated. 


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Re: Samsung Gear s2 Battery Draining super fast

I'm having the same problem. My battery drains in a matter of 3-5 hours, even if I don't even look at it. I did a reset and it's no better.