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When do we expect the full release of Android 13 Z fold 3? I cannot use my Google pay on a beta and I really use this quite a bit. Thanks in advance View Post


How do u back out? View Post

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Are we supposed to get a final release if on beta? Are we going to receive an automatic update for final release? View Post


Did you ever figure it out? View Post

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When is the final beta software update going to be here cuz I have a note 20 ultra and I got the final build of one ui5 like 2 3 weeks ago View Post


I'm wondering the same thing View Post

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About 4 to 5 times in an hour my screen become unresponsive to touch. I have hit my button to black out the screen. Wait a couple seconds to see if it... View Post


I have the same issue. Only becomes responsive if I hit the power button to lock the phone and reunl... View Post

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Whenever I try to use my front camera it is just black. Nothing. Please help!  View Post


Restart your phone and clear the system cache, works for me View Post

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Z fold 3 one ui 5 beta with latest update (ZVK3). When I put calls on speaker other people say they can hear echoes of themselves, this didn't... View Post

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