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If we use dark mode not all apps are dark. Let us force specific apps force to make dark. I know about dev option about force dark mode, but it... View Post


If you are interested I found an App from a developer on Gitahub called DarQ, it allows you to selec... View Post

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This new drop down menu really hurts my eyes. Is it possible for someone to maybe change it back to what it was with the One UI 5 drop-down... View Post

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The main screen lagging from time to time when I unfold. Black screen for few seconds then slowly load the wallpaper and icons.Is that caused of the... View Post

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Has anyone heard when the next update will come out? Also is there only 5 of us in here? Lol View Post


We probably won't see many updates for the z fold 3 since the newer devices got so many before us. N... View Post