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My update posted finally. Thanks everyone. Check for updates it should give you stable. Until next time. Take care!  View Post

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So I have a tiered structure for my wifi at home since it provides added layers of security which we need since we all wfh. We keep certain devices on... View Post

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I see Verizon and T-Mobile are getting the official update, when will us Unlocked Beta users get the update? This last update broke the edge panel and... View Post


Just got mine, unlocked on att! I'm outta here. Good luck everyone, I hope they get you out soon View Post

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This is from many iterations ago but you used to be able to pinch to zoom in/out in the calendar app moving from years- months- days and back. It was... View Post


I see that you can zoom into the schedule but the old feature actually let you zoom in (pinching out... View Post

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I often use my phone in the early morning while I stretch and do yoga prior to exercising. I feel as though I'm always tapping extra dim and the... View Post


This ^^^ I usually use both in sync. I currently have a routine set that enables both at certain tim... View Post

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Samaunfnrolling out oneui6, why haven't it rolled out to beta users first?We are sitting here on buggy devices that can run apps that wr need but... View Post


I have T-mobile also there usually good about these things I would sure like to now what happened th... View Post